A downloadable game for Windows

Welcome to Turrim, where the main goal is to stack blocks as high as possible. Watch out, however, as the blocks have physics. One wrong placement, and the entire tower can come down!

This is a towerbuilding physics game made for Ludum Dare 49.


A/D - Move Block Smoothly

Left Arrow/Right Arrow - Move Block By Grid

Q - Resnap Block Placer To Grid

E/LMB/Enter - Place Block

Esc/P - Pause


Developed by Proxy

Music created with Strofe

Select SFX by morganpurkis on freesound.org (JAM VERSION)

Select SFX by Sjonas88 on freesound.org (POSTJAM VERSION)

Press SFX by BigDinos1995 on freesound.org (POSTJAM VERSION)


Turrim-POSTJAM-1.1.1.zip 99 MB
Turrim-POSTJAM-1.1.zip 99 MB
Turrim-JAM-1.0.1.zip 100 MB
Turrim-JAM-1.0.zip 100 MB

Install instructions

1. Download the .zip file.

2. Extract the contents of the .zip into an empty folder

3. Open the new folder and open 'LD49.exe'

Development log